Intro to Scratch


1 – 2:30 pm Saturdays

Jan. 5, 12, 19, 26, Feb. 2, 9

Ages 8 – 11

While creating stories, games, and animations in a child-friendly click-and-drag environment developed at the MIT Media Lab, we will learn programming constructs like loops, subroutines, variables, threads, input and output.
Participants will make a story, game, or animation and share it on the web! Scratch is so much fun, kids will have no idea they are learning how to think logically and learning how to create algorithms. Each Scratch sprite (character) represents a different processing thread. While students are interacting with an easy-to-use click-and-drag program, they’re actually learning about threads, a concept not even covered in AP Computer Sciences classes.
This class is designed to introduce students to the types of things they can do with Scratch, what different codes do, and how to combine several components to create a compelling story, animation, or game.
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