Build a Gaming PC


Want to build a customized gaming computer but not sure where to start? Bohden Landis will walk you through the whole process. This workshop consists of two parts. On Sunday Jan. 13 Bohden will explain each component you need and help you select the best ones for your individual use case and budget. He’ll also make sure everything you select will work together and fit in your case.

Two weeks later, after all your components have been ordered and received, we’ll meet again to assemble our computers. We’re setting aside all afternoon for this build, but it could take you as few as a couple hours.

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Sunday Jan. 13, 1-3 pm

Sunday Jan. 27, 12-4 pm

*Sunday Feb. 3, 1-3 pm *If extra time is needed to complete your build

We will help you construct any desktop for a variety of budgets and use cases including:

  • General home/office use

  • Gaming

    • Better performance than console systems.

    • Ex: better performance than Xbox One X at the same price with upgradability

      *We can also help you build super high end machines for over $1000 if you want that level of performance

  • Computational performance (Ex: CUDA workloads)

You can upgrade a system you already have through this class as well. If you have an old desktop with an Intel i7 or i5 it’s likely that you can make that system perform to your standards with upgraded storage or graphics.

In this workshop you will learn how to select and assemble parts to build a computer that can outperform off the shelf systems at a lower cost. You will also learn how to upgrade computer systems so that you can simply switch out individual components instead of replacing the entire computer in the future.

  • This is fantastic holiday gift

    • High (gaming or other) performance computer

    • Completely personalizable and upgradable

    • Imparts valuable skills/understanding of computer hardware

  • Minimum price of components: $300

  • Minimum recommended price for good gaming capability: $500

Instructor Bio: Bohden Landis is a high school senior who plans to study computer engineering in college next year. He has been helping friends customize and build their own computers for years now and knows how to push gaming hardware to its limits. Clark Landis, MKR LAB’s CTO and co-founder, will also be in the room for both sessions.