Battle Bots Workshop


Monday Feb. 18.

9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Age 11+

Create a battle bot with MKR LAB! We’ll be using small microcontrollers as the basis for our bots and we’ll brainstorm what we want to add (wedge, a crushing hammer, spinning “blade”) and what each will look like. We’ll need to physically build our bots and have the ability to design custom 3D printed parts. We’ll be using Python to program our bots, taking it in easy bite-size pieces making this a great intro class it’s your first experience with this language.

*Additional $75 material fee if you want to keep the robot, otherwise we will reuse the components.


This class is a distillation of what we covered in our 6-week Battle Bots! class so that people who would like to participate in Battle Bots 2 can get up to speed and join our group of intrepid robot builders.

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