Elementary STEAM Camp

Kids on the grass in the sun using a fresnel lens to roast marshmallows
8-11 Years Old
9am-12pm 1-4pm Monday-Friday

We’ve been working hard to create some really great summer programming for kids 8-11 years old. Each week we have a morning session running 9 am to noon daily. Afternoon sessions run 1-4 pm. Campers can come for mornings, afternoons or both. If they stay for both sessions, they can join us for lunch and time on the playground.

Every single offering here is child-centered with lots of room for creativity and individuality. We’ll learn some new skills, use our imaginations and create together. Join us for one week, two, or the whole summer!

July 1-3, AM

Flight and coding merge in the form of drones! We'll learn about drones, how they work, and then build our own. We'll use block code to create our own control panels and to control our sensors, even create special tricks. And of course the best part is always flying! This session is limited to 6 children. *This session runs Mon.-Wed. due to the July 4 holiday.

July 1-3, PM
Non-Digital Game Design

Learn about game design and create your own board and card games with Dr. Karen Schrier, Associate Professor and Founding Director of the Games & Emerging Media program at Marist College. She is also the director of the Play Innovation Lab, where she creates and researches the use of games for empathy, ethics, and social good. Yeah. We're thrilled to have Karen working with us! Come and design some great games! *This session runs Mon.-Wed. due to the July 4 holiday.

July 8-12, AM
Art in the Creative Cloud

Curious about graphic design? Excited by animation? Thrilled by special effects? Mary Ann Davis will help you bring your ideas to life using Adobe Creative Cloud. Create original artwork with this design suite which includes Photoshop, Illustrator and Character Animator. Take your existing artwork to the next level, using masks, effects & fun backgrounds. Design your own emojis & logos. Let’s explore the cool things you can make & do, with the very same programs used by professional graphic designers, animators & film makers. Bring a USB memory stick to class so you can take your digital work home. Teacher Bio: Mary Ann Davis is a commercial & documentary film editor & children’s story author. She has a BA in Comparative Literature from the University of Michigan, & a Masters of Liberal Arts from the University of Chicago. She loves science, art & making things with her three children. *This class has a $10 materials fee

July 8-12, PM
Designing Mini Golf

Let's design our own mini golf obstacles and holes! Spinning windmills? We can do it! Challenging ramps and curves? Bring it! At its core, this session is all about engineering - engineering fun! When we introduce motors, we can use microcontrollers and use some simple block code to program them and create amazing effects. Work hard, play hard! That's our motto! (Well, it should be!) *Price includes $25 materials fee.

July 15-19, AM
Water Challenges

Summer gets hot! Let's go outside and make stuff with water and cool down a bit! We'll employ our curiosity and some engineering skills to build water balloon launchers, water wheels, and water-centric Rube Goldberg mechanisms. Get ready for some serious play! *Price includes $15 materials fee.

July 15-19, PM

Create your own videos, interactive animations and games with Scratch, created at the MIT Media Lab. It's a great first programming language for kids. It uses click & drag block code, which makes it very easy to use, while still using important programming constructs like loops, variables, and threads. We'll introduce new coders to the platform, show them how different types of codes are used, while campers experienced with Scratch can delve deeper and work on more involved projects like multi-level platformer games and longer animations. Want to tell a story? Scratch is a really fun multi-media tool.

July 22-26, AM
Block Code Battle Bots

Not only are battle bots super fun, in building them kids learn mad skills like coding, debugging, persistence, engineering and, when they battle, sportsmanship. We program both a remote control and a robot using block code and make them send messages to each other. We learn about motors and connect them to our robots with custom 3D printed components. This is NOT a kit! We use readily accessible components and open-source code and what we learn is easily transferable to other projects. In an effort to keep costs down, we will reuse all components. If you would like to keep your bot, talk to your instructor.

July 22-26, PM
Rube Goldberg Machines

Rube Goldberg liked to build tremendously complicated mechanisms to do really simple things. Why? Fun! Is there a better reason? Alright, if you need one, learning about some basic engineering concepts and how to build things. While each camper can have ownership of a piece of our machine, we're going to have to collaborate and link our components. This is sure to be fun, challenging, and maybe a little messy! *Price includes $10 materials fee.

July 29-Aug. 2, AM
3D Printing

3D printing, AKA additive manufacturing, is a pretty amazing tool in any maker's arsenal. Come learn how to find ready-made print files, how to personalize them, and also how to create your own files from scratch. We'll use an easy-to-learn shape builder and also use block code to create more precise objects. These things we do daily at MKR LAB when we want a custom piece for a robot, a wearable circuit, or want to make a fun gift. Watch out - you might get hooked! (Parents: we also use some math - just a bit - and graphing skills because we move objects along X, Y, and Z axis.) *Price includes a $15 materials fee.

July 29-Aug. 2, PM
Carnival Fab Lab

Summertime is carnival season! Design and make your own games with us! We'll use simple found materials to create classic games and create our own variations and designs. But don't be deceived by the fun and games - we'll be engineering and learning how to build to make what we want! We'll also work on a group project using microcontrollers and easy block code to add lights and sounds, just like at a real carnival! *Price includes $10 materials fee.

Aug. 5-9, AM
Making Mythical Creatures

Dragons, mermaids, centaurs and more! We'll use our Fab Lab (that's fabrication lab) tools to create sculptures or costumes (you choose!) this week. Not only will we use design process and engineering in our builds, we'll also use basic circuitry to add lights, and when it makes sense, motors! This is serious play. *Price includes $15 materials fee.

Aug. 5-9, PM
Amp Your Art

When art and tech combine, we expand our abilities to create interactive artwork and engage the viewer. We can turn drawings into animations, physical objects into sound installations, sculptures into kinetic sculptures ... We'll learn about motors, basic circuits, lights, and use simple programs to create animations and also code to add another dimension to our art, all while learning mad skills! (Can you tell we strongly support putting the A in STEAM?) *This class has a $40 materials fee built into the price

Aug. 12-16, AM
Wearables & Soft Circuits

Wearable tech is exploding! It's the convergence of fashion, design, circuitry, and often data (we'll leave the data part for another time). We'll use conductive thread to create circuits on fabric, designing and making stuffed animals that light up, creating wearable circuits, and we even have the ability to 3D print on fabric (this is a great way to diffuse lights and make glowing necklaces, shirts, costumes). The design aspect of wearables falls squarely within Art, while the technological aspects are related to materials science, circuitry, coding and robotics. Learn mad skills while creating art? Yes, please! *This session includes a $40 materials fee.

Aug. 12-16, PM

Let's explore flight! We'll build a range of projectiles in this super fun physics- and engineering-based week. We'll emphasize trial and error, persistence, and iteration, as well as safety protocols, while exploring how high and far we can launch items and what types of things we can launch. Paper planes, water balloons, rockets ... We'll be going outside for this session! *Price includes a $10 materials fee.

A girl builds a 3-dimensional art project.
A boy builds an obstacle course for a robot.
A boy creates an alien invasion of the Katonah Library using Photoshop.

When registering for a class, please note the student's name and age in the notes section at check out. Dismiss