We’re going to Maker Faire Westport!

Have you ever been to Maker Faire? It’s lots of fun for the whole family. There are hands on activities, some super cool robots, vendors selling the latest high-tech equipment. It’s a huge gathering of crafters, makers, tinkerers, students, hobbyists … And there will be some good food trucks too. This one is FREE! So come on by Sun. 4/21 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. and look for our booth in the Baldwin Lot up Church Lane (by the big plane)!

Talking Mother’s Day Cards

We’ve got a fun and free event coming up at the Lewisboro Library. This one’s for all ages, and it checks off an item on your to-do-list too! Using a greeting card sound module, you can record a personal message for Mom, Grandma, that special woman in your life. Kids will draw on the front, … Read more Talking Mother’s Day Cards

Scary Clown, Hacked Halloween Decoration

Scary Clown was an old broken Halloween decoration, not so scary. Until Clark teamed up with our 8-year old to hack it. They installed a Raspberry Pi where his heart would be, added ultrasonic sensors so it could detect when someone was near, motors to move its arms and head, installed AlexaPi, giving it all the functionality of Alexa (yes, Scary Clown can tell you the weather). But it still wasn’t scary enough. So they gave him a German accent and programmed some terrifying lines. We don’t really dislike small children, but it sure is disturbing when Scary Clown says he does! This project is more involved than our intro class, but shares many of the same elements. This naughty clown was programmed in Python.